BME shares property with Camp Merri-Mac and Camp Timberlake in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It is located on 150 acres surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness. There is a private lake and over 40 camp buildings, including a dining hall, covered pavilions, a year-round retreat facility for up to 30 adults, and even a climbing tower.

Cabins are rustic and sleep between 8 and 18 people. Each has a bathroom and shower facility in the cabin. We can sleep up to 300 in our cabins from the middle of August to the end of October.

Year-Round Facility
In 2012, we added our first winterized facility. The Wishing Well can sleep up to 30 in a beautiful mountain “arts and crafts” style building. There is a state-of-the-art kitchen on the first floor and several private rooms and three bunk rooms on the second and third floor.

Dining Hall
Built in 2013, the dining hall will seat over 200 and has a full commercial kitchen. It is the perfect space for a feast, a banquet and even a dance.

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