Merri-Mac & Timberlake: Costa Rica Kayak Expedition


Camp Merri-Mac & Timberlake are not willing to wait till next summer for more of the best it has to offer, friends and adventure! We are doing a joint expedition to Costa Rica to Kayak some of the best white water in Central America! Take the skills you have been working on at camp to the next level with your friends and have an adventure of a lifetime!

This is a video from the trip we did in 2016/2017.

The Rivers:
There are beautiful rivers throughout the country; north, south, and towards the coasts. We may have opportunity to paddle the Rio Sevegre, Sarapaqui, Pacuare, and Pejibaye. They offer great class II and class III sections of river that are surrounded by lush farmlands and nature preserves.
Costa Rica offers enormous biodiversity within it’s landscape. While paddling on the Sevegre, we may take a detour to Piedre Blancas to visit the Lopez family village for a day. While on the Pacuare River you’ll be surrounded by steep jungle mountains, the Pejibaye River offers more gradual and rolling hills, and the Sarapaqui River is generally surrounded my more mellow flat lands. Because Costa Rica is a relatively small country it’s not uncommon to start off paddling in the mountains and by the end of the day notice that the landscape is changing dramatically as you get closer to the coast. The benefit of visiting this time of year is having solid water levels with really warm air temps,75-85 degrees water.

8th Grade-12th grade
December 27, 2018-January 2, 2019
$2500.00 (Not including airfare)


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