School Groups

We work with school partners to create learning experiences to meet your goals. School-wide, grade-specific or group-specific retreats provide valuable opportunities for a individuals to develop a sense of community and cohesiveness with one other.
Suspending the Ordinary
A retreat is an ideal context for the student body to embrace the vision and mission of the school. We use a wide spectrum of experiences and adventures to meet the goals for your school community.
Beyond the Comfort Zone
Studies show that growth and learning is primed when outside of our comfort zone. We will craft the perfect balance of activities that take students beyond what’s comfortable into an adventuresome, healthy, and unforgettable learning experience. Activities may include team building, service projects, simulations, games, adventure trips, cooking, competition, play and facilitated discussions.

Who: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College/University students
Location: Camp Merri-Mac or off-site (your school, state park, etc.)
Groups Size: 6 to 300 people
Duration: 1/2 day to 30+ days
Cost: $-$$

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