Three females scouting the rapids


Regardless of how beneficial a program could be, it will be worthless unless an effective safety system is in place and implemented by knowledgeable staff. This attention to safety determines how we design our expeditions, who we hire, and what decisions we make.

Our program is accredited by the American Camp Association. Additionally, instructors are certified in wilderness medicine and certified or trained by industry standard-setting organizations in the respective discipline.

Boy holding a falcon and wearing a glove Girl climbing a smooth rock wall

A Safe Expedition Includes:

Intentional Design

Each expedition has been carefully designed so that participants have ownership in the safety of the group.

Outstanding Leadership

Black Mountain Expeditions leaders are experienced and proven not only in the technical skills, but in discipleship, judgment, decision making, teaching and ultimately in caring for the participants in the expedition. Each instructor goes through an intensive application process.

Industry Standards

We actively pursue involvement with the industry standard-setting organizations in the field. These include the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, the American Mountain Guide Association, the Professional Climbing Instructors Association, the American Canoe Association, and the Wilderness Education Association.