Girl climbing a tree in Bolivia


Bolivia is known to the world as the highest and most rugged nation in the southern hemisphere. The country’s largest city, La Paz, rests at 3,660 meters, which is over two miles high! Surpassing the beauty of the high alpine peaks of the Cordillera Real (“The Royal Range”) and numerous other ranges is the beauty of the rich indigenous heritage within the country.


One course area is Parque Nacional Tunari, the range surrounding the Cochabamba region. Here we may attempt to climb Macchu Tunari (16,600 feet). We will also stay at a small refuge at a Quechua village where we will spend time with the families, work on projects, and discover their rich cultural heritage.

Alpine Mountaineering

In the high alpine peaks of the Cordillera Real, we will learn the core fundamental alpine techniques required to attempt a summit bid on a peak such as Pequeño Alpamayo, or Huayna Potosí, a 6,000+ meter peak!